*** Warning: Do not proceed if you are upset by knowledge or imagery of meat consumption. ***

Thanks to my house-and-band mate Stephanie's profession in the museum world turning its recent focus to internal anatomy, I found myself the lucky friend of a healthy pig heart whose time as a subject of study had expired. Being the only one in the house who is neither vegetarian nor nauseated by the thought of eating such an organ, I thought I'd have a mini adventure and prepare it for myself.

I first lightly seared the heart, then baked it in a Dutch oven with some red wine, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, serrano peppers, and pear slices. I had some gently-fried kale and a small glass of the wine as sides.

The meat is incredibly dense and tough to cut. Though quite juicy, it is notably lacking in flavor on its own, probably due to the low fat content. I found myself quickly and thoroughly filled up by the meal, though the variety of vegetables probably contributed to that.

From this experience I not only gained +6 Evil but a greater appreciation of what an incredible muscle the heart is. But what really stuck with me is the smell. What I could at first only describe as a fishy smell was speculated by the others to be the smell of blood. I'd believe this, even without proof -- I did get a greater "sense of death" from this dish than with anything I've tasted or smelled before.

Finally, a special thank-you goes to the pig who, more than likely unwillingly, gave me his|r heart.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

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The meal

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