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It fills me with DEE-LITE™ 39F Pride Fluid to announce that I have produced my first video game soundtrack. The game is The Indie Game Legend, by Paul Hubans. It is an homage to The Guardian Legend (NES, 1988), and a satire of the social scene among the higher-profile developers on the TIGSource forums. The music, tuned to Paul's vision and direction, is mostly pseudo-chip rock inspired by the original game.

Download The Indie Game Legend to experience all the emulated old-timey goodness you can handle:

I have made the tunes themselves available as well. Find them in the projects section as usual.

I plan to write more soundtracks as the opportunities manifest. Keep synced.


For a while, I've had this odd relic lying around. It's a pack of Nintendo Game Pack cards, made by a company called Topps back in 1989.

They're not exactly trading cards, but more of mini-games in card format. You scratch off bubbles to "win" a fight of some kind, modeled after any of the then-popular game franchises. Thrilling!

Unlike video games, you can't try again if you lose. By playing at all, you also lose the cards' collectibility value... if there ever was any.

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25¢ doesn't even get you chewing gum anymore

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Card case back

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You may scratch, but do not sniff

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Always trust advice from shady strangers in trench coats


My copy of Norrland arrived! This is a game by one of my favorite game designers, Cactus (aka Jonatan Söderström). I payed for one of the ten physical copies on auction to help him continue to make games.

In Norrland, you go on a hunting trip and do all sorts of "backwoods" things: kill stuff, drink beer, row a boat, sleep and have nightmares, take a shitzo, even hump some bears. It's more vulgar and satirical than his previous games, but still seizure-inducing and otherwise in character.

The disc also came with a bunch of unreleased games he's made, plus some other goodies, such as... a personalized coffee filter!

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Front design

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I have no. 10 of 10

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Classy Swedish postage stamp!

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Extra points


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