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Last night I returned home from an 18-day tour of the Pacific northwest with Corpus Callosum, my band and one of the greatest commitments of my life so far. We played a show all but a couple of days on the road, and grew even more tightly woven as partners and friends, if at all possible. Following is a list of minor epiphanies that I personally experienced while on this, my longest and busiest trip away from home yet.

1. As my friend AJ of BATTLEHOOCH has also learned and proclaimed while abroad, "There are good people everywhere". Additionally, there are pockets of like-minded people in unexpected places.

2. There are a lot of Christians in the USA. Also, one's religious beliefs do not necessarily affect one's ability to get along fine with another. Differences may be superficial.

3. I have never studied, to any serious degree, a non-keyboard instrument. I'd like to learn clarinet, bass clarinet, rackett, or classical guitar (these ORs are inclusive, of course).

4. Most people have at least one pet. This pet is usually a dog or cat, but it can also be a goat. I am reminded that I would like to have a pig and tortoise.

5. If all goes well with my senior thesis/project, I will be MAKING ROBOTS. Both of those words excite me.

6. Cannonballing into a challenge, as into a cold pool, is far less uncomfortable and far more rewarding than resistance and reluctance. Duh, right? News to me! Hearing wisdoms is different from learning them.

7. Spending a lot of time with your crew can make you get along better rather than worse, even if you suspect otherwise.

8. Digging a grave, even if only for a goat, is a somber cardiovascular exertion.


Recently I helped my good friend Igliashon Jones, aka City of the Asleep, prepare his newest album for its release. While double-checking the titles, I was reminded of how annoying and ambiguous the rules of title capitalization can be. For example, the word "throughout" is a preposition, but a longer one than most; to me it doesn't look right lower-case, nor does it capitalized. There are many other cases where what is correct is difficult to remember or conflicts with what looks good -- for a detail freak like me, this is a problem.

Some other languages with letter case, such as French, dodge the issue pretty well by sticking to sentence case for titles. For example, the title "Les barricades mystérieuses" is correct: only the first word is capitalized. Proper nouns (and basically any word you would capitalize in a sentence) of course keep their normal behavior.

In the past I used this sentence-style capitalization in a 1t1d project, where the titles were meant to appear more like accompanying phrases than official titles. The look appeals to me, and the rules are pleasantly clear. I'd like to explore this style for titles in my next release. If its charm endures, I may convert permanently.

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