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It fills me with DEE-LITEā„¢ 39F Pride Fluid to announce that I have produced my first video game soundtrack. The game is The Indie Game Legend, by Paul Hubans. It is an homage to The Guardian Legend (NES, 1988), and a satire of the social scene among the higher-profile developers on the TIGSource forums. The music, tuned to Paul's vision and direction, is mostly pseudo-chip rock inspired by the original game.

Download The Indie Game Legend to experience all the emulated old-timey goodness you can handle:

I have made the tunes themselves available as well. Find them in the projects section as usual.

I plan to write more soundtracks as the opportunities manifest. Keep synced.


Renoise is one of my favorite music composition programs. One interesting feature it has is the ability to load any file as if it were a raw, headerless audio file. I like loading non-audio files like images, text, and executables, trying out different assumed sample rates and bit depths. This can generate some weird sound sources.

Here is a short tune I made in 2007 which uses a BMP image loaded as the main instrument.


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