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-> TIGLOST: The Indie Game Legend Soundtrack

My first released soundtrack! The Indie Game Legend is an homagerific overhead shooter by Paul Hubans, simultaneously satirizing indie game circles and wanking them.

The Indie Game Legend

More soundtracks headed your way soon…

Albumesques made one-thing-per-day:

-> Coil and Step (2009, 11 days)
-> Unbucketed (2008, 7 days)
-> Tales From Over There (2008, 14 days)
-> Start (2007, 14 days)
-> Epochs Away (.zip) (2009, album-a-day)

1t1d album covers

Ancient tunes under the Codroid and Diptera monikers are archived in my Music Museum.


Tale of the Stolen Rainbow - An island puzzle-adventure game

This is an ongoing project. I designed it in 2007 and started making it in 2011. Then started again in 2013.

-> Devlog on TIGSource
-> Some old videos tracking my progress

The Miscellanium:

-> Unannounced top-down shooter inspired by Robotron and Gunstar Heroes

-> Escarabajo Ranchero, an extremely unfinished/WIP-ish puzzle game involving bugs (like… the kind from nature). Collaboration with MrEricSir started in 2009.

-> Byxbee, 2008. You shoot some bees or something. It took a day to make and stinks.

Haberdasher's Delight

Here is a series of short animations I made in 2008 called Unfinished Undectet. Each one was made in about a day (though the later ones took up to 3 days to finish). You can see this compilation and any of the animations individually on my Vimeo album.

Drawings, small projects, and mini-reports get occasionally and erratically posted to the hlog.